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Film Location Consulting In Simi Valley, CA

Finding the right location to serve as the backdrop for any story is one of the most challenging aspects of putting a film shoot together. Even the most seasoned filmmakers struggle with it from time to time. Are you searching for the right spot for your next project?


With luscious gardens, breathtaking rocky cliffs, picturesque mountain vistas, and charming neighborhoods, the Simi Valley offers the perfect California atmosphere. With so many different scenic areas to capitalize on, we’re confident that the right setting for your film is waiting for you here.


At Simi Valley Film, we offer film location consulting in Simi Valley, CA. Below is a list of all of the services we provide to aid you in your filming needs.

Contact information for local Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and other services offered here in Simi Valley

Interested in listing your property for potential filming? We have several options to choose from for commercial and residential property owners.

Permitting Information, Notifications, Traffic Control Diagrams, Survey Maps, Fire and Police Coordination.

We can help you research and find all the options for your next production. 

Consider Us Your Local Filming and Shooting Resource

We strive to do everything possible to help our clients get their projects off to a good start. Share your creative visions with our experienced assistants, and we’ll search our network of contacts to find a suitable location that falls in line with what you have in mind. Better still, we’ll make the necessary arrangements so you can start helping your project take shape quickly. As our client, you can rest assured that we will make the filming or shooting processes as stress-free and convenient as possible. Whatever your needs, we look forward to contributing to your project however you see fit.


Contact our film consultation firm for more information about some of the best locations in the area. We proudly serve clients working in Simi Valley, California, and the surrounding areas.

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